1909 (Live at Double Door)

by Liz Townsend

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When we came out of the water we were born to crawl
To the center of what we thought we saw
The wind blowin' round in the snowy sun
Was the thing we thought was kingdom come

We sat there for days round the firewood
Drinking coffee and praying to the wind and the woods
And although I never doubted, I sometimes had a dream
And this is how it goes.

A man takes a woman who comes into his sight
she asks him of his past, how long he's prayed tonight
He says, I couldn't say, and his voice turned to song
I've come from the other world and I've come to take you home

Well the woman laughed low, laced her hand in his hand
She came up to him close and kissed his head
And when he closed his eyes she put the knife to his neck she said, I'm on my own

Well I was boy in the year 1981
And my mother didn't quite know how to raise a son
So I held her hand until I grew into one
Because she was on her own.

And I was horse in the year 1909
And the sky was a dull, yellow ponderosa sky
And the story flows down the river like time
And this is how it goes.

Well my bones fell into the Coeur D'Alene River
Washed out to sea in the weather and the water
And now it explains the taste of salt and leather
On my tongue. On my tongue.


released July 11, 2011


tags: folk Chicago


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Liz Townsend Chicago, Illinois

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